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December 9, 2014

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November 17, 2014

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Dancer Who Lost Leg In Boston Marathon Bombings Performs On Stage At TED Talk

March 24, 2014

“I was always determined to dance again, and I knew that I had to, that I would, and here I am,” she said. “I’m a survivor, not a victim.”


Less than a year after a talented professional dancer named Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her leg in the Boston marathon bombings, she took the stage on Wednesday to perform again.


Haslet-Davis danced on stage at the 2014 TED conference in Vancouver, where she wore a white sparkling short dress that showed off a new prosthetic leg as she twirled across the floor with a partner.The two danced the rumba to a shortened version of the song “Ring My Bells” by Enrique Iglesias. Haslet-Davis finished the performance with a huge smile on her face as she wiped a tear from her cheek.It was her first time dancing in public since the bombings. 


Haslet-Davis and her husband, Air Force Maj. Adam Davis, were standing on Boylston Street cheering on the runners when the bombs went off nearly a year ago. Her left leg was amputated mid-calf. Her husband, just back from Afghanistan, suffered shrapnel wounds.Just a week after the blast, Haslet-Davis told the Herald from her hospital bed that she would dance again. Last night, she said her steely determination to hold onto that dream came from one source.


“I knew if I didn’t hold onto it, that (expletive) would win,” she said, adding she has never spoken the names of accused marathon bombers.“It’s been a long road,” she said. “It really has been a road, so today is extra celebratory because it has really come to fruition. We thought we could do it, we planned to do it, and we did it.”



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