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December 9, 2014

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November 17, 2014

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Honoring the heroes of the Korean Sewol ferry, including Park Jee Young

April 24, 2014

While the 20 crew members in charge of operations on board ferry all survived, four whose job was to take care of passengers died saving others. 


CNN Reports

But there's one crew member they are leaving out: Park Jee Young, 22, who by witness accounts helped passengers escape and distributed life jackets -- one after the other to students -- as the stricken ferry began to sink. When she ran out of jackets, she ran to the next floor to grab more. When she was asked why she wasn't wearing a life jacket, Park said that crew members would be last and that she had to help others first, according to witness accounts to South Korean media. Park's body now lies in a funeral home in the city of Incheon. She is one of the more than 100 people dead; 215 remain missing.


Full story plus CNN video 

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