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Gifts for Gals that Empower, Jewelry Helping Poor Ugandan Women

December 9, 2014

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November 17, 2014

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Boys Wear Skirts to School to Fight Sexism

May 20, 2014

On May 16th hundreds of male students in Nantes France ditched their trousers and came to school in skirts as a part of the campaign against sexism called "Lift the Skirt". The students that did not wish to wear a skirt wore a sticker which said "I am fighting against sexism, are you?"


The action of all these students, coming together and fighting against sexism was an incredible sight. Sexism is a part of our everyday life however, it is mostly women who are left to do the combating against sexism during everyday life. The "Life the Skirt" Movement was a nice change of pace. Even still, the campaign was faced with some backlash, mostly from confused worried adults. What are your opinions? Share it with us in the comments section below and on twitter!  




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